+++ Extended until March 2019! +++ Starting August 22nd 2018, the MINTFIT math training will take place again at UHH and TU!
Using OMB+ and viaMINT and supervised by tutors, prospective students at the higher education institutions can brush up their math skills in this training with excellent student-staff ratio – free of charge!

Highly suitable as a preparation for the university-entrance diploma or to get a taste of university mathematics!

This training is open for all prospective students (applicants for a university place, pupils, employed persons etc.) as well as freshmen students. It is free of charge, no registration required! Study on-site with OMB+ und viaMINT, and get your questions concerning high school mathematics answered by tutors!

English speaking participants are also welcome!

At UHH: Wednesdays 18:00-20:00 (for at first 22.8.2018-27.3.2019, not 31.10., 26.12., 2.1.), until 21:00 when required
Geomatikum (Building's name) of Universität Hamburg (UHH), Bundesstraße 55 (Near Schlump), room 144

At TUHH: Fridays 18:00-20:00 (for at first 24.8.2018-29.3.2019, not 28.12., 4.1.)
Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), building E-SBC3, room E2.027P3d (2.floor) (view area map and campus map )

Days/times/rooms may change after October 12th. Please keep informes about our current offer via this site.

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