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Welcome to MINTFIT math test!

Having good basic math skills makes it easier to have a successful start in a STEM degree program. The MINTFIT math test allows you to quickly and easily determine which areas of math you should brush up on if you are planning to do a STEM degree program. Then you will be able to fully focus on the fascinating new content introduced in math at the university level.

The MINTFIT math test consists of two separate tests. Basic Skills I includes questions dealing with fractions and exponents, and Basic Skills II tests your skills in more advanced areas such as differential and integral calculus. You should be able to complete each of these separate tests in about 45–60 minutes. And you do not need any special resources such as a calculator. The problems were developed so that they can and should be solved by doing the calculations on paper and sometimes also in your head. So make sure to have a pencil and paper ready before you start the test!

After you complete the test, your results will be displayed for each skill area. On the “Personal Overview” page, you will find recommendations as to which skill areas you should review. The relevant sections of the two online courses (OMB+ and viaMINT) that you can take for free are also listed.
By clicking on the logo of OMB+ or viaMINT, you will be forwarded to the corresponding learning platform together with your learning recommendations. At the first time an OMB+ or viaMINT account is created for you, if you agree.

Both courses (OMB+ and viaMINT) provide you with the necessary tools to be prepared for first-semester university math courses, but they are designed differently—OMB+ features many explanatory texts and interactive images whereas viaMINT has explanatory videos. Both contain many examples and problems. You decide for yourself which sections you want to work on in which course. Using our recommendations, you can work with a tailor-made review program to optimally prepare for a STEM degree program.

It is important that you correctly interpret your results. You may be unable to answer a particular question because you learned the associated material a long time ago or have never covered it. In any case, if you aren’t satisfied with your test results, you should view this as motivation to fill existing gaps and review specific skill areas. This way you will be well prepared to start a STEM degree program.

If you would like to take the MINTFIT math test now, you just have to register or if you already have a MINTFIT account, you can simply log in. Before you start the test, you have to complete a short preparatory section. This consists of four problems that will help you quickly learn how to enter the mathematical expressions in the actual test. During the entire test, a symbol key is available on the edge of the page displaying these mathematical expressions.

If you have further questions about the test, look through the answers in the FAQ section. If you don’t find them there, please feel free to contact us at kontakt (at)!

We wish you a lot of fun and success with the MINTFIT math test and a successful start with your studies!

Last modified: Tuesday, 17 January 2017, 9:29 AM