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The application period for the next term 2021/22 starts already. At the MINTFIT partner universities HAW, HCU, UHH, TUHH, UKE, you'll find some interesting STEM-topics. Just have a look!

In any case, remember: preparing for your studies is important - MINTFIT helps!

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What is MINTFIT?

MINTFIT offers online tests for math, physics, chemistry and computer science so that you can check your current level of knowledge. There are also e-learning offerings to help you fill any gaps. This is a great way to prepare for your studies—or for your Abitur exams. Anonymous and free of charge.

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MINT is an acronym in German that stands for the subjects Mathematik (math), Informatik (computer science), Naturwissenschaften (natural sciences), and Technik (technology). An equivalent acronym in English is STEM or science, technology, engineering, and math.
The MINTFIT test and learning materials were specially designed to support you in preparing for a degree program or training that includes a large STEM component.


The math tests helped me to identify the knowledge gaps I had before I started with my studies.

Felix, 22, 3rd semester mechanical engineering, TUHH

I use the MINTFIT physics course a lot to read up on and review specific topics.

Elif , 19, 1st semester mechatronics (dual), FH Aachen

The MINTFIT learning materials got me interested in studying a MINT subject.

Robin, 20, high-school graduate - is interested in industrial engineering

The MINTFIT math tests were a great way to help me prepare for my math Abitur!

Clara, 18, high-school graduate, HH

The MINTFIT online courses helped me to increase my understanding while I was at vocational school.

Bastian, 17, 2nd training year, electronics technician, Kassel

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