Good knowledge of physics is key to a successful start in many STEM degree programs!

The MINTFIT physics test allows you to quickly and easily test your knowledge of physics and determine which skill areas you should brush up on using the MINTFIT physics course.

What is the MINTFIT physics test?
The MINTFIT physics test includes fundamental questions in the skill areas of mechanics, electricity, energy, and optics. The questions will test your knowledge, handling of formulas, and math skills. The subject-specific content is based on topics from the intermediate level. But you will have to use higher-level methods and skills to solve the problems. Some of the math problems will give you an idea of the level of math typical at higher education institutions.
The test takes approximately 60 minutes.

Should I take the MINTFIT physics test?
The Hamburg higher education institutions HCU, HAW, TUHH, and Universität Hamburg assume that students in the math courses offered by their STEM degree programs will be able to solve problems like the ones in the MINTFIT math test. This also applies to many other higher education institutions throughout Germany!
Are you planning to study a STEM subject? Or is your physics Abitur coming up? If so, take the MINTFIT physics test and use the learning materials to be optimally prepared for the beginning of your studies or your exams.

How does the test work?
You can take the MINTFIT physics test anonymously or as a registered user. However, only registered users can access their results and recommendations at a later point in time. But don’t worry, you can still register and create a profile during the test.
To enter mathematical expressions, use the symbol key and list of terms on the edge of the page. You may also use a calculator and list of formulas. Although nobody can stop you from searching for information on the Internet, be honest with yourself, copying the solution will give a better test result, but it won’t reflect your real level of knowledge. However, it is a good idea to look for tips that will help you solve a specific problem, and this will also prepare you for working through problems and content on your own.
After you complete the test, your results and the sample solutions for each problem will be displayed for the four skill areas of mechanics, electricity, energy, and optics.

How do I fill in the gaps using the MINTFIT physics course?
On the “My MINTFIT” page, you will find recommendations as to which skill areas you should review—this way you can use a tailor-made review program to be optimally prepared for a STEM degree program or your physics examinations.

We have summarized the most important information for instructors here.

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Start now with the MINTFIT physics test and MINTFIT physics course. We wish you lots of success and a good start with your studies!

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