Dr. Daniel Sitzmann (Project Coordinator, Operational Management, and Head of Software Development)


  • Dr. Helena Barbas (Test Coordinator for Math and Test Developer for Computer Science, TUHH)
  • Esther Bender (Test Developer for Computer Science; Test Methods and Strategy, HAW)
  • Robin Eggers (Test Developer for Chemistry, HAW)
  • Fabian Hamann (Test Developer for Computer Science; Software Development, TUHH)
  • Svenja Hartmann (Marketing, Universität Hamburg)
  • Thorben Huelmann (Test Methods and Strategy, UKE)
  • Norwin Kubick (Test Developer for Chemistry, UKE)
  • Dr. Sina Meiling (Test Developer for Chemistry, Universität Hamburg)
  • Johann Mellin (Software Development, HCU)
  • Dr. Ute Carina Müller (Test Coordinator for Physics, Universität Hamburg)
  • Joachim Schneider (Administration and Software Development, Universität Hamburg)
  • Marcus Soll (Test Developer for Computer Science, Universität Hamburg)

Student Assistants

  • Melanie Hofmann (MINTFIT Chemistry, Universität Hamburg)
  • Vanessa Meyen (MINTFIT Chemistry, Universität Hamburg)
  • Mohamed Sakhri (Software Development, Universität Hamburg)
  • Kubilay Sezer (Marketing, Universität Hamburg)

Subject Advising

  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hampe (Test Methods and Chemistry, UKE)
  • Prof. Dr. Gerwald Lichtenberg (Physics, HAW)
  • Prof. Dr. Axel Schmolitzky (Computer Science, HAW)
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Schramm (Math, HCU)
  • Dr. Christian Wittenburg (Chemistry, Universität Hamburg)


  • Dennis Gallaun (E-Assessment Pilot Projects, TUHH)
  • Niels Gandraß (E-Assessment Pilot Projects, HAW)
  • Felix Koch (E-Assessment Cooperation, HAW)
  • Dr. Karsten Kruse (Deputy Project Group Leader MINTFIT E-Assessment, Cooperation, TUHH)
  • Norwin Kubick (E-Assessment Mobile Testing Centers, UKE)
  • Stefan Möller (E-Assessment Pilot Projects, HCU)
  • Jonas Priebe (E-Assessment Pilot Projects, HAW)
  • Björn Reinhold (E-Assessment Mobile Testing Centers, UKE)
  • Dr. Lars Schmeink (E-Assessment Pilot Projects, HCU)
  • Manuel Schnabel (E-Assessment Pilot Projects, Universität Hamburg)
  • Marcus Soll (E-Assessment Pilot Projects, Universität Hamburg)
  • Lars Thoms (E-Assessment Pilot Projects, Universität Hamburg)

Subject Advising

  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hampe (E-Assessment, UKE)
  • Michael Heinecke (Electronic Examinations, E-Learning, and E-Assessment, Universität Hamburg)
  • Prof. Dr. Karin Landenfeld (E-Assessment, HAW)
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Schramm (E-Assessment, HCU)
  • Dr. Christian Seifert (E-Assessment, TUHH)