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This online test is aimed at those interested in a STEM degree program, for example, students in their final year of Gymnasium, vocational school graduates, and anyone who after completing vocational training, working, or having a longer break away from school would like to study at university.

All you need for this math test is an Internet connection and a current browser. All of the problems can be solved without any special resources such as a calculator or list of formulas and should be solved without these and without the help of Internet search engines or dictionaries. But you will certainly need to perform written calculations and should therefore make sure to have a pencil and paper before beginning the test.

Yes, you must register if you would like to take the MINTFIT math test. This serves to protect our site against spambots and the like.

You can register on and take the test free of charge. It is also free to take the OMB+ and viaMINT courses, which are referred to in the math test.

The test is divided into two subtests, each of which lasts about 45–60 minutes. The first part (Basic Skills I) tests basic skills and consists of 22 questions, and in the second part (Basic Skills II) you complete 14 questions to check your higher-level math skills. You can choose the order and the times when you want to complete the tests. However, before you can start the first test, you have to complete a short preparatory section (consisting of four tasks). These serve to show you how to enter mathematical expressions.

No, neither test has a time limit. They are over when you decide to submit them. The time it takes you to complete the tests does not affect your score or our recommendations for you. However, you should be able to complete each test in about 45 to 60 minutes. If you need significantly more time to finish, we highly suggest that you take this into account when planning how you will review your math skills. In some cases, it might be best to review the entire scope of material presented in Basic Skills I and/or Basic Skills II.

Yes, you can repeat the test at any time. If you use the same account to repeat the test, our recommendations will be based on your best attempt. As the test is still in the beta version, the range of problems is not yet very large. We therefore recommend that you take each of the two tests in the beta phase a maximum of three times.

Your results will be displayed immediately after you complete (“Submit and analyze”) each of the tests.

After you complete the test, your results will be displayed for each skill area. On the “Personal overview” page, you will find recommendations as to which skill areas you should review. The relevant sections of the two online courses (OMB+ and viaMINT) are also listed. You can take both of these courses completely free of charge! Simply click on the OMB+ or viaMINT logo, and you will be directed to the desired learning platform. After you give consent, an account for OMB+ or viaMINT will be created for you, and your learning recommendations will be transmitted to the learning platform and updated regularly.

OMB+ and viaMINT are free online courses that are specifically designed to help students review mathematical content covered at school and prepare for their studies at university. But you do not have to be a student to take these courses.

OMB+ consists of ten sections, each of which uses a teaching text to explain the mathematical skills necessary for the section. It includes lots of examples, interactive images, exercises, and tests.

The viaMINT course offers six thematic modules in which you learn with videos, exercises, and examples. Clear explanations, interactive learning, and immediate feedback make it easy for you to brush up on your math skills.

Go to “Personal overview” and click on the logo of the desired course. After you give your consent, an account will be created for you on the selected learning platform, and the learning recommendations will be displayed there. If you already have an account, you will get an error message with instructions on how to proceed. If you repeat the MINTFIT test, your recommendations on the platforms will be updated automatically.

In the ‘Werkzeuge'(tools) menu, you can activate or deactivate the exchange of data with the learning platforms at any time.

At this time, we do not offer the option of downloading the recommendations to your computer or sending them via email. However, if you have provided your consent, your recommendations will be transmitted to the respective learning platform and are prominently displayed.

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