Good math skills are key to a successful start in a STEM degree program!

The MINTFIT math test allows you to quickly and easily determine which areas of math you should brush up on.

What is the MINTFIT math test?
The MINTFIT math test consists of 2 separate parts. Basic Skills I tests intermediate skills, and Basic Skills II checks your higher-level math skills. Each test takes 45–60 minutes. You can solve all of the problems by doing the calculations on paper or in your head—do not use a calculator!

Should I take the MINTFIT math test?
The Hamburg higher education institutions HCU, HAW, TUHH, and Universität Hamburg assume that students in the math courses offered by their STEM degree programs will be able to solve problems like the ones in the MINTFIT math test. This also applies to many other higher education institutions throughout Germany!
Are you planning to study a STEM subject? Or is your math Abitur coming up? If so, take the MINTFIT math test and use the learning materials to be optimally prepared for the beginning of your studies or your exams.

How does the test work?
You can take the MINTFIT math test anonymously or as a registered user. However, only registered users can access their results and recommendations at a later point in time. But don’t worry, you can still register and create a profile during the test.
Before you start the test, you have to complete a short preparatory section. This consists of 4 simple problems to help you learn how to enter the mathematical expressions. During the math test, a symbol key is available on the edge of the page showing these mathematical expressions.
After you complete a test, your results and the solutions will be displayed for each skill area.

How do I fill in the gaps?
On the “My MINTFIT” page (it’s best to register so that you will always be able to access your information), you will find recommendations as to which skill areas you should review, and the relevant sections of the online courses OMB+ and viaMINT are also listed.
Simply click the OMB+ or viaMINT logo, and you will be directed to the learning recommendations there and an account will be created for you.
OMB+ features many explanatory texts and interactive images whereas viaMINT has explanatory videos. Both contain many examples and problems. You decide yourself which of the recommended chapters in which course you want to go through—this way you can use a tailor-made review program to be optimally prepared for a STEM degree program or your math examinations.

We have summarized the most important information for instructors here.

Gaps? No worries—use our e-learning courses OMB+ and viaMINT.

The Online Mathematics Bridge Course (OMB+) includes explanatory texts with lots of examples, interactive images, exercises, and tests so that you can be optimally prepared for your studies and the math courses you will be required to take.

viaMINT offers thematic modules in which you learn with videos, exercises, and examples. Clear explanations, interactive learning, and immediate feedback make it easy for you to brush up on your math skills.

Do you still have questions? Take a look at our FAQ or send an email to

And now get a pencil and paper—and start the MINTFIT math test! We wish you lots of success and a good start with your studies!

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