Orientation tests and e-learning courses for a successful start to your studies

Super smart!

In the Tests and Courses subproject, MINTFIT Hamburg develops and operates free web-based self-assessment tests in the subjects of math, physics, chemistry, and computer science. The tests allow you to check the knowledge you have acquired (e.g., in school)—however, they are not designed to assess your interests or suitability for a specific training program or subject of study. This way they can be used at institutions across Germany.

The experience of the project partners shows that many of the obstacles students face in the first semester of their STEM studies can be significantly reduced through focused preparation. Students who can easily and quickly recall things they learned in school up to their Abitur have fewer difficulties in understanding the content at university, which is often presented in a more formal way and at a different pace.

From the very beginning, MINTFIT’s project focus has been to support school-age students and students who are transitioning from school to higher education—our goals are to support first-year students in their initial semesters, to help students have greater success, and in the long term to reduce drop-out rates.

In addition to the MINTFIT tests, the project offers a wide range of offerings for a blended learning experience. One of the greatest benefits of MINTFIT is that it allows you to combine two important areas: testing your own level of knowledge and closing knowledge gaps. Students (as well as teachers and lecturers) are provided with a powerful diagnostic tool to determine their level of knowledge. And learning recommendations are generated on the basis of this assessment that allow for targeted work with the online courses. Instead of having to work through complete textbooks, students can review and practice relevant topics. Special consideration of individual needs and the diversity of learners has been an important feature since the beginning of MINTFIT.