STEM offerings for students in grades 8–10

Dear Students,

In light of the current situation, several things are different from what we are used to. Your daily life and, for example, your classes are currently taking place at home. Familiar learning environments have been replaced by virtual classrooms that have made e-learning possible. At MINTFIT, we have been creating online tests and learning content for the MINT subjects of math, physics, chemistry, and computer science for several years now that can be used to support you in your regular schoolwork and help you prepare for the beginning or your studies. In the following, you will find our test and learning recommendations that are especially relevant for the intermediate level and that you should be able to solve using your previous school knowledge.



Are you interested in math? Then try the regular MINTFIT math test. The test Basic Skills 1 is designed for the intermediate level.

After a short preparatory section, you can test your math skills in just 45 minutes. If you are looking for a greater challenge, try the test Basic Skills 2.

Was the math test for your grade level too difficult? If so, try out the MINTFIT math test for students. You can test your knowledge and skills for your grade level (5th–10th grade).



Are you interested in everything that has to do with physics? If so, then our MINTFIT physics course is just right for you! It contains many topics you have probably gone over before, but if you are curious and want to expand your knowledge, you can also learn more about areas of physics that are new to you. Several small tasks and subsequent solutions will allow you to increase your knowledge, and then you can put this to the test by taking the short final tests.
Afterwards, you can refresh your knowledge or fill in any knowledge gaps with the MINTFIT physics course.

MINTFIT Chemistry


Are you fascinated by chemical reactions and the structure of matter? The MINTFIT chemistry test includes these topics as well as the basic skill areas of chemistry. Try out the online test and find out which topics you have already mastered. Don’t worry about getting everything right because it’s likely that it won’t be possible for you to solve all of the problems with your current knowledge of chemistry, but it’s worth a try! Using the sample solutions, you can then identify the areas where you still need to increase your skills and knowledge.

MINTFIT Computer Science

Computer Science

Are you a computer geek and interested in programming and algorithms? If so, then click your way through the MINTFIT computer science test and test your knowledge of computer science. A smaller test scope and a test-taking time of approximately 45 minutes makes it particularly suitable for students at the intermediate level.

Afterwards, you can refresh your knowledge or fill in any knowledge gaps with the MINTFIT Computer Science course.

Good luck and have fun!