When you register for the MINTFIT test, you give your consent to the data storage and use described below. You may withdraw your consent at any time by providing us with written notice. This revocation of consent should be sent via email to kontakt@mintfit.hamburg. We will then delete your user profile and all user-related data.

Who we are
The adress of this website is https://www.mintfit.hamburg, the tests are served by https://tests.mintfit.hamburg.
MINTFIT is provided by a cooperative of the universities of Hamburg, the Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf and the Ministry of Science, Research and Equalities. You can find more information about this on the page imprint.

Privacy Policy
The terms of use for these MINTFIT tests can be viewed at https://www.mintfit.hamburg/en/privacy (this page).
The operators of the site are entitled to change the terms of use for the MINTFIT tests at any time. In this case, users will be informed and have the opportunity to object to the terms of use. If a user objects, their user profile and all user-related data will be deleted. Any violation of the terms of use for the MINTFIT test will lead to the deletion of the associated user profile and all user-related data.

Personal data
Personal data is information about your identity. This includes details such as your name, physical address, telephone number, and email address. To use our website, you do not need to provide any information beyond your email address.
Furthermore, we only store and process data that you provide us voluntarily and in some cases data that we collect automatically when you visit our website (e.g., your IP address and the names of the sites you visit, as well the date and time visited).
We only process personal data for the purpose of providing a requested service and protecting our own legitimate business interests.

As you use the MINTFIT tests, additional data is created in the online courses in the form of your personal answers and test results. Solutions and assessments of surveys and tests can only be seen by the person who submitted them and the administrators.

Purpose of personal data
In general, we use the personal data you provide in order to be able to offer you our personalized services. We do not sell or otherwise market your personal data to third parties.

Restricted use
We will only collect, process, and use the personal data you supply online and that is generated as a result of our services for the purposes communicated to you. We will not transfer your personal data to third parties without your express consent.
We will only collect your personal data and disclose it to authorized state institutions and authorities if we are required to do so to comply with any applicable laws or court orders. Our employees and cooperation partners are obligated to maintain confidentiality and comply with the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act.

Your user profile
To log in (email and password) to the MINTFIT tests, you will need the password you created. The user profile created can only be viewed by the administrators of the website and the user who created it. Your profile contains the email address you were required to enter when you registered as well as any additional voluntary information and the date and IP address of your last visit.

Deleting your user profile
You may request that your user profile or specific user-related data be deleted by sending an email to kontakt@mintfit.hamburg.

Publication of data
Results and statistics from the MINTFIT tests may be published anonymously. Anonymous data may be presented to the public without the consent of the respective participants.

To access the MINTFIT tests, you must enable cookies in your Web browser. A cookie is a text file that is generated by the Web server and sent to the user’s Web browser, where it stores the status of your current session (active/passive). The cookie has a life span of two months.

The online courses associated with the MINTFIT tests are protected against indexing by search engines. All of your login data is transmitted in an encrypted form. Your personal password is stored as a cryptophic hash (“Password Salting”) on our system.
The operators of the site do not assume liability for the contents of the Web platform. Furthermore, the operators of this site do not guarantee that the program functions will meet user requirements. The operators are not liable for damages either that may occur as a result of using the MINTFIT tests or its contents. When users create a user profile, they explicitly acknowledge that the use of the MINTFIT tests and its contents is at their own risk.

Administrators have access to all data generated within the MINTFIT tests. They may only use this data within the framework of their work assignments and may not pass the data on to third parties.