When you register for the MINTFIT test, you give your consent to the data storage and use described below. You may withdraw your consent at any time by providing us with written notice. This revocation of consent should be sent via email to kontakt@mintfit.hamburg. We will then delete your user profile and all user-related data.

Terms of Use
The terms of use for these MINTFIT tests can be viewed at https://www.mintfit.hamburg/agb (this page). The operators of the site are entitled to change the terms of use for the MINTFIT tests at any time. In this case, users will be informed and have the opportunity to object to the terms of use. If a user objects, their user profile and all user-related data will be deleted. Any violation of the terms of use for the MINTFIT test will lead to the deletion of the associated user profile and all user-related data.

Registering as a participant
The MINTFIT tests can be used anonymously or after a registration. To register, you should manually create a user profile, for which you must provide your email address. Before you can complete the registration, you must acknowledge and accept our privacy policy.
To ensure that no one registers using the email you provide without authorization, an automatic notification is sent to this address. The notification includes instructions on how to confirm your registration. After you complete this step, you are registered on MINTFIT and can start immediately.

Copyrights for information and material
The copyrights for all of the information and material included in the MINTFIT tests must be acknowledged and respected by all participants. The operators of the site are indemnified against any third-party claims in regard to the infringement of copyrights.

User obligations
Users of the MINTFIT tests are required to protect their log-in details against unauthorized use by third parties and to keep their password secret. The access and usage rights are not transferable.

Users of the MINTFIT tests are obligated to enter accurate personal data. Changes to personal data must be made by the users themselves.

Users of the MINTFIT tests undertake to observe and comply with current law in Germany—in particular, data protection regulations.

Users of the MINTFIT tests bear the full responsibility for their activity on the site.

Users may not use misuse the MINTFIT tests in any way. They may not intentionally or negligently take part in the unlawful transfer and/or distribution of information about the MINTFIT tests. In particular, information posted in the MINTFIT tests may not in any way be pornographic, obscene, defamatory, libelous, offensive, threatening, inciting (to hatred), or racist. Both advertising and the use of the platform for commercial purposes are prohibited. The disclosure of data from the MINTFIT tests to third parties as well as the publication, commercial use, and other forms of making the data available to the public are also prohibited.

User activities that aim to render the MINTFIT tests nonfunctional, obstruct the use of the website, or unlawfully uncover, manipulate, or delete saved data are prohibited and lead to the associated user profile being blocked immediately. They can also be prosecuted on the basis of civil and criminal law.